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Tarpshooter™ is changing the way you shoot pucks by making it fun! Tarpshooter™ offers 13+ unique,
competitive games that will help you improve your shot and put your skills to the test.

Along with the Tarpshooter™, you will receive 12 ball bungee cords and a game instructions sheet.

The Tarp is made of Outdoor Blockout LTX, which is a heavy duty banner material used for indoor and
outdoor applications. The unique construction provides strength and stability under harsh weather
conditions and has a matte finish.

After unrolling the tarp, you connect it to the net by using the 12 ball bungee cords. Start from the top
and work your way down for a flat, smooth tarp.

The game instructions sheet has an explanation of the 13+ games on one side and the other side is used
to keep track of scores in select games. It is made from the same material that white boards are made
from so you can use a dry erase marker on it to keep score and easily erase when done!

Email BrandonMileski@tarpshooter.com with any questions/comments/concerns